Trainers We Like

Contact us to do a link exchange! - Katie McGuire is one of My Best Friend's competent trainers and is an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. She attend seminars to further her education in dog behavior and training.  Sheutilizes positive reinforcement methods, and has a passion for teaching tricks. She loves to teach everything from sit, down, and stay, to hand-stand, paw/wave, head down/head up, speak, retrieve, sneeze, turn on and off lights, push buttons, do behaviors at a distance (on a mark) and a variety of other advanced behaviors. Dedicated to keeping the sport fast and fun for competitors and recreational students alike, Jump City Agility is a training center devoted to the sport of dog agility. Jump City offers group and private classes to dogs and handlers at every level, frequent workshops on various agility-related topics, and seminars presented by some of the nation's top trainers.

Gemstar ranch Karen Wessinger is training dogs to be shepherding dogs at her ranch located in the northern part of Los Angeles County in beautiful Leona Valley, California. Her facility offers sheepdog training, either in group classes, private lessons, or occasionally "board and train".. Barbara and I love it there and hope you will too.