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Welcome to My Best Friend Obedience!
 OUR MISSION: Help you and your dog be each other's "Best Friend"! When your dog listens and behaves in a way that makes you happy, you can make your dog happy…. We like it when everyone is happy!

Karen, Katie, Kelly,  Alison, Michelle and Kim are the primary trainers at My Best Friend Obedience and are all CPDT-KA.  Chrystal has been working as an intern for awhile and has become an amazing trainer also! We bring you the latest science based techniques in dog training and behavior modification to help you and your dog!  Whether in the show ring, at home, doing therapy work, with the new baby, at the park, in the airport or at the local cafe, your dog can make you proud and the envy of everyone.  No more excuses, let just get it done, together!  Let our skilled certified trainers help you today! Call NOW at 818 996 3647 to set up a private session or find a group class that fits your needs!  Private training prices start at $150 and go to as little as $92 per session! Four and six week group classes from $99-$179.

My Best Friend Obedience trainers work with all breeds, sizes and ages of dogs and puppies to solve their owners problems with them!  Puppy issues like social skills, collar and leash, grooming, fear, barking, potty training, biting, nipping, jumping and chewing,  obedience training basics... sit, down, stand, stay, come, loose leash walk, heel, not stealing and leave-it, no jump and off, all the way through to off leash reliability, even with distractions.  Our core foundation classes puppy, beginner, intermediate, and advanced level followed by Urban dog class are geared toward basic skills and CGC testing track with AKC! We special groups to deal with dogs who are easily distracted (Focus), or reactive with dogs (Growly), loose leash walking, calling to come (Recallers), Life skills for out and about dogs, and more!  We have AKC compatible training like Fun Agility, Rally obedience levels, six levels of TRICKS (prep for AKC Tricks titles), and Rally FrEe (Rally obedience with elements of Freestyle, think “dancing with dogs”)! All of our classes prepare dogs for Therapy work in hospitals as well as for Emotional support and Service dog work.  We also handle all levels of  behavior modification for dogs with issues such as fear, aggression, separation anxiety, and other problem behaviors.  We prefer to work with our colleagues, not compete with them, so if you/we think you need a Vet Behaviorist, or a class we dont offer, we have referrals. We have referrals for everything from Veterinarians and Dog Walkers, to Daycare and Grooming, or a trainer in your area if you are out of ours! Of course, we do all of this with gentle, positive techniques and praise. WE ARE THE DIFFICULT DOG SPECIALISTS, for over 25 years. We don’t recommend corrective collars like choke chains, pinch collars or shock, but recommend helpful, restraint based, equipment, to help get you through the training process, and that doesn’t hurt your dog, mentally or physically.

Our focus is training YOU how to successfully work with, and train, your dog. Strengthen your bond with your best friend based on love and communication. We use the most effective and scientifically proven techniques in dog training. Our staff of highly skilled and experienced trainers are constantly furthering their education by attending seminars, studying the latest published articles, maintaining valuable certifications, taking part in meetings with other trainers, and innovating new methods of our own to train dogs.

Our positive reinforcement, clicker/event marker based, training techniques use praise, food, play, and other motivational tools, cover a wide variety of kind and humane methods for working with dogs. That doesn’t mean we dont say “no,” and prevent, or correct, unwanted behavior when needed! We even do free shaping!

We offer a wide variety of group classes, as well as private sessions (in your home, or at a location near the trainer), socialization training at a participating daycare facility, board and train while you are away at one of those facilities, and intensive training in your home while you are at work where the trainer trains the dog daily and you weekly. Each of our training options includes you and your family in the process. Private sessions, board and train, and intensives include written and/or video notes to keep you up to date and informed on the training progress.

Karen started this business alone in 1992. My Best Friend has grown to include very sought after, trainers at locations throughout the San Fernando valley (Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, and Oak Park) and NOW ALSO IN VENTURA, PORT HUENEME, and OXNARD!  We work with some of the best boarding and daycare facilities in the country!  We made it to #3 on LA's hotlist in 2015 AND #1 in 2018!  We will help you have the dog you deserve!  We are "the difficult dog specialists," but we work with all dogs, not just the problem ones!

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