Ways to pay for training

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Send Funds Via:

Venmo to www.venmo.com/Karen-Taylor-57 818 996 3647 or k9frend@earthlink.net

Zelle to 818 996 3647 or k9frend@earthlink.net

PayPal direct thru your own account with Friends and Family at k9frend@earthlink.net

PayPal links on our site when you register (choose the item and create profile, then it will direct you to pay by credit card) for groups: https://bestfriendobedience.com/mbfo-group-classes or Private training: https://bestfriendobedience.com/private-training/

CREDIT CARD OR ATM (chose an item, create a profile, click pay by PayPal, you will get an option to pay by credit card if you do not have a PayPal Account :-D

Link to payment buttons on your client portal! https://mybestfriendobedience.dogbizpro.com/Public/Registration/Packages.aspx

We only allow non-aggressive, healthy dogs to attend group classes. Proof of vaccines or titer test required. We encourage you to attend class with your whole family, but one owner should consistently come to the class with the dog. Once you have registered for a class, you must stay with that course to the end (switching to other classes is not permitted). In case of emergency you may call My Best Friend to see if other arrangements can be made. If you cannot attend a class, and another class cannot be found for you to make up in a timely fashion, you may do so privately, for a fee, or FORFEIT the one class session you missed. For ALL FREEPEAT COURSES, the designated handler and dog must attend 75% of the original class/private series, to earn the Freepeat privilege. This rule applies when you are actually doing your freepeat as well. This feature ends on 12/31/16 for beginners and 1/1/15 for intermediate, however, those who are grandfathered in can continue to have, and/or re-earn the privilege by following the rules listed above. If you lose your privilege you may reinstate it for half price with MBFO approval. Potential discounts are: joining our MailChimp mailing list ($10 off coupon will be sent automatically, ONE PER FAMILY WILL BE ALLOWED), or $10 off for registering for class so we receive your payment (via snail mail or PayPal to k9frend@earthlink.net) at least 2 weeks in advance of your private session or class start date ($10 off does no apply for services under $100). We do not offer any other discounts. Look for special offers in our emails! To request an invoice for service please call the office at (818) 996-3647 or email us.

If you need further information or to confirm receipt of your PayPal payment please call us at (818) 996-3647.  You will need a six foot leash, dog treats, a collar your dog cannot slip out of, and complete copies of shot records for your dog at first class.  Please do not bring sick or aggressive dogs to dog training class.  If you do not know if your dog will be a problem around others, contact us for a free evaluation. If your dog is sick or injured you may attend class without your dog until he/she is well again!  If class is cancelled or changed due to low enrollment, your class fees will be refunded or applied to another session of your choice!  If you are scheduling a session, or class or repeating a class, please fill out the on line form and click submit, or print and snail mail it to us, to confirm your attendance in the class you would like.  YOU MUST CALL IF REGISTERING LESS THAN 48 hours before class begins to confirm you attendence and payment. Students will only be eligible to make-up classes with another group if it is prearranged. No changes are permitted unless it is done more than 72 hours before start of class. Those who have already paid for, and/or earned, the freepeat privilege, can continue to freepeat for the life of their dog, and are grandfathered in, unless they lose their privilege by not following the attendence protocol of 75% and then they can re-enroll in freepeats for half price. If you do not achieve Freepeats, but call ahead to make arrangements, we can set up a half price freepeat for you to reinstate your privilege. We do not offer freepeats at levels other than Beginning foundation level (ended 12/31/16) and Intermediate level (ended 12/31/14). You must make a prior reservation to Freepeat, and bring your proof of payment, vaccine records, and graduation certificate to class with you on the first day. Minimum attendance is 4 of 6 sessions when freepeating or there is a half price fee to reinstate. Remember repeat spaces are limited, if you are holding a space for repeat, you must attend the class for which you have registered or you will lose your repeat privilege. No one else can have your spot once it has been given to you.  Be courteous to others and let us know if you will not be able to attend the full course.

MY BEST FRIEND best address is 2535 Oceanmist Court, Port Hueneme, CA 93041

or you may send to: 18968 Ventura Blvd. Tarzana, CA 91356

818 - 996 - 3647

We look forward to seeing you and your dog at class!!!!