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Citronella Spray Collars

  • Remote Trainer

  • Barking Collar

Premier Pet Products

  • No Slip Collars

Gentle Leader Products

  • Head Halter Collars (for dogs that walk you)

To inquire about a product please call the office at (818) 996-3647 or email us. for dogs who chew the leash and/or drag lines� check this out!

Bully Sticks bully stick Direct offers all natural dog treats for great prices!

Bully Sticks are all natural from!

Michael Jordan - owner  

Kong Pet Toys

Legendary Strength, Quality and Performance.
Your Pet Will Love You For It.

Welcome all dog lovers!  Here at K-9 crates we are providing very good quality dog crates for a fraction of what the stores are selling them for.  We are grateful for all the hard work and heart that our fellow dog rescuers continue to put out there and know that if we all pull together and support one another we can continue to make a huge difference in the lives of our four legged friends. Visit our web site at