Best Licensed Dog Trainer in Woodland Hills

Karen Reardon Taylor is the best licensed dog trainer in Woodland Hills, CA.

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 Best licensed dog trainer in Woodland Hills

If you are searching for the best licensed dog trainer in Woodland Hills, than you are absolutely in the right spot. Karen Reardon Taylor has been training dogs since she was seven years old. It’s not a job, but rather a passion for her. Her Granddad and even his father used to run a training kennel in the early part of the 20th century. You can safely say that being a licensed dog trainer is in Karen’s blood.

You can find out more about Karen in her bio, who is considered the best licensed dog trainer in Woodland Hills.

Here are 10 Qualities of why Karen Reardon Taylor is the best licensed dog Trainer in Woodland Hills

1. Passionate

Persistence is indeed a virtue, is it not? Specifically when dealing with customers and their pets. Maintaining passion in being persistent in helping the dog become a wonderful pet, is key.

2. Humorous

Perhaps this should be the first on the list? On those days where it really feels as though everything is failing, Karen is always lighthearted and keeps her sense of humor. If you have a dog trainer that is always stressed out, then nobody benefits.

3. Imaginative

Dog instructors all have their standard ways of teaching. What happens when the dog or client simply isn't getting it though? This is why Karen is considered on of the best licensed dog trainer in Woodland Hills. She actually gets innovative and creative. Trainers need to make sure that their imagination is key. You never know what can happen during a training!

4. Understanding

There will be times when the client does not want to have their dog perform what needs to be performed. There needs to be an understanding, and flexibility. This is where Karen comes in. Her genuine approach to understanding every revolving situation makes her the best licensed dog trainer in Woodland Hills.

5. Faith and Confidence

Karen has the faith and confidence in ensuring that all of her dogs, throughout the training process, are well taken care of. She goes into each training with her head held high and makes sure to feed the pets with the greatest training ever.

6. She’s Humble

Karen is humble in her approach. She knows what type of clients and dogs to take on, and if need be, she will politely communicate what needs to be communicated with her clients.

7. She’s Open to Learning New Things Daily

Karen is not afraid to take feedback and learn new things each day. She continues to study her trade and tries to improve on herself each and every single day that she trains. This is what makes her one of the greatest. She is truly a master of her craft, and a lover of making dogs the best pets they can be.

8. She’s Polite

Karen Reardon Taylor knows how to be polite, when to step in and correct, and what to say. She has a candor and demeanor that has helped her build her clientele and successfully train dozens and dozens in the Los Angeles County area.

9. She Has High Tolerance

If the dog trainer needs to be overly clean on a consistent basis, then perhaps they are in the wrong field. Training a dog comes with dirt and grime, especially when their paws get in mud, and there is slobber all over the place. Don’t forget dog hair, and anything else you can think of. The trainer should have high tolerance.

10. She’s Well Prepared

The dog trainer should make sure to always be well equipped! Having more than plenty on hand is better than having just a few toys and food items for the dog. Clients will see this as an example, especially while watching their dog being trained.  All dogs are shaped in different sizes, so it would not be fair for them to be wearing, let’s say a head collar that is twice their size. Preparation is key.