Josie Le Balch, ANWI


Josie Le Balch, ANWI

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Josie grew up in the San Fernando Valley in a home with all kind of animals. She spent weekends working at a horse ranch nearby and summers on her family’s farms in France. Her deep love for animals and experience working with them has included working with local Rescues including the Wildlife WayStation, rescuing and raising two (2) highbred wolf pups, from bottle feeding at five (5) weeks to loving them their full lives (14 & 14.5 years) along with her family’s many other pets, dogs, cats and chickens over the years.

Currently Josie has three (3) Golden Retrievers that she has trained and works in Agility, Rally, Nosework and Obedience.  Jack is a TDI working dog, and all three are CGC dogs. Josie also handles her female ‘Bella’ in Conformation including the Golden Retriever Nationals and other shows. She also works closely with GRCGLA and the Local Golden Retriever Rescue. Josie is an Associate Nose Work Instructor and enjoys training and competing with her Elite Dog Luc and is excited to enter Bella in her first NW3 level trial.

Currently Josie Volunteers at the West Valley Los Angeles Shelter in Chatsworth working the shelter dogs in Nosework Training and is a level Three (3) canine handler for the Los Angeles Shelters. Along with working the shelter dogs in nosework, Josie participates in “the big dog” play groups designed to introduce the shelter dogs to each other for better placement in multiple dog homes. Josie also leads all levels of Nosework practice groups in hide placement and training, and is available for obedience training with private clients.

Josie enjoys continued education attending Nosework and Canine seminars in behavior and is currently in the process of becoming an AKC Scent Work Judge. Josie is a renowned Executive chef who has owned and operated her own restaurants, catering and cooking school, but today Josie mostly enjoys Catering to her pups, teaching Nosework and hanging with her husband Frank.

Summary of Experience

Member of:

NACSW National Association of Canine Scent Work -2013/14

K9 ABC Games Canada-USA Sent Organization – 2014

USCSS US Canine Scent Sport – 2015


Active in Volunteering for all levels of NACSW trials since 2014 including Colorado and Nevada Trials. I can contribute an unlimited amount of learning from watching hundreds of dogs in at least 15 trials and from my own competing with all three of my dogs in over 30 trials since 2014 including element & practice trials.  I continue to train with my mentor Penny Scott Fox one of the original seven founding CNWI of the NACSW.

Ort: all three of my dogs have their Ort’s in all three odors:

Jack NW1 #K008434   Luc NW3 Elite #K010268 Bella NW3 #K011663


Instructor Education and Training Course NACSW January 12-15 weekend/segment 2 Days 5-8

LA Shelter approved Level 3 Canine handler and ANWI for NACSW in the West Valley Shelter.

Coaching Clinic Sierra Madre 12/9-10/2017 Jill Marie O’Brian - Barbara Schwerdt – Kimberly Buchanan – Jo Trent

Canine Body Language, Health & Stress by Turid Rugaas 11/4-5, 2017

Dr Ian Dunbar 4 day Dog Trainer Academy 12/ 2017

Dr. Ian Dunbar Workshop Reactive Dogs 10/2017

Intro to K9 Nose Work Shelter 9/14/2017

Instructor Education and Training Course NACSW July 21-24 weekend/Segment 1 Days 1-4

Teah & Chuck Anders The Mental Side of Training and Competition ‘Lenny Bassham’ 2/25/2017

1/26-28/2017 CNCA Educational K9 Conference SD– Certificate of Attendance-Attended daily scheduled presentations


Attended with Working Spot – with one or both of my dogs

3/4/2017 Maxinum K9 Scent-Work Training Seminar Strategic Training San Diego

3/26/2017 Steve DeTata Seminar NW3 Level

7/15-16/2017 Ron Gaunt Hide Placement / communication with your dog

9/2-2017 Scentsable K9 (Maxinum K9)

10/29-30/2016 Fred Helfers Nosework Handlings Errors Seminar & The Competitive Edge

1/30-31/2016 Leah Gangelhoff, CNWI From Stress to Success Moorpark, CA

9/20/2015 Fred Helfers Nosework

12/12-13/2015 Ron Gaunt Working Clinic

Attended Audit or Completed

2014 – Ron Gaunt Seminar Santa Paula Pink Biscuit

2014 – Fred Helfers Nosework Seminar Olfaction and Odors Rock Solid K9