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Groups are usually held weekly same day/same time and the same location for the duration of the course.  Classes are listed by START DATE.

Beginner Level Courses and Events:

Intermediate Level Courses:

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How this works and FAQs

  • Puppy Socializing and Manners class is for healthy PUPPIES under 11 weeks should do a private session for potty training, biting nipping and chewing issues.  Healthy puppies from 11 weeks to 5 months with at least 2 sets of vaccines, has no parasites, should join a Puppy Socializing and Manners class.
    •   If your under 5 months pup has already been socialized with 25 different people and dogs (varied colors, ages, sizes, smells... and not just the ones you live with).
    • Remember socializing is super important, if your pup left the litter and mom early, under 8 weeks.
    •   If you don't need help with biting, nipping, chewing and potty training... skip puppy class and start with Beginner Obedience.
  • For Beginner Obedience Your pup should be at least 3 months and have 3 sets of shots. Sometimes financial reasons prevent students from doing both courses, if you need to choose between these levels, Beginner obedience is the most crucial.
    •  If you have already dealt with the above puppy issues, do Beginner obedience.
    • If you have an older pup or are still having biting, nipping, chewing and potty training issues, schedule a private session;  AND enroll in a beginner group!
    • Start with Beginner if you have an adult dog, or pup that is friendly with people and dogs, and you haven't done a class yet, but are past the puppy issues.  Puppy class doesn't replace beginner, it is a supplement.
    • Pick beginner level, even if you have a little training already!  You and your dog will need to learn how we train in general to do our classes and be able to keep up.
  • Choose a private session if:
    • your dog has a socializing, training or behavior problem not covered in the classes
    • you only need help in a specific area
    • you just need to get up to speed on our techniques to participate in class
    • your dog is not friendly to other dogs or people
  • Dogs in group class must not show any aggression toward dogs or people, even in Growly group.
    • Reactive dogs (barking and lunging on leash at dogs, but not necessarily aggressive) must do private first.
    • If you were referred to us by a known trainer who has recommended our classes as part of your ongoing training (potentially a Growly class) then we may consider your enrollment without a private session.
  • You are sure your dog is intermediate level or higher, even though you haven't taken our classes:
    • You may register for the appropriate level, BUT you must understand how to train using an event marker/clicker and fade rewards.  If you need to get that part first you may opt for a private session to fill in the 'holes'... We hope this will help you decide how to choose!
  • Tricks Levels - the levels are designed to do in order but if your dog already knows most of the tricks in level one there is no reason not to do level 2!  If you want to do a different level, feel free to join the one you like
  • Nosework Levels - These classes are progressive.  Once they begin students often continue with the group for months unless we dont have enough continuing on to have a group, Then, those students move to the next logical place to complete their training and we add a group.  We only do two classes a week, so if you miss one starting, it is worth it to do some private to catch up with the group, if it just began and there is room.  If not, get on the mailing list for updates!

There are no longer free repeats of class, but if you are grandfathered in:

**FREEPEATS:  Up until 12/31/16 our Beginner (and Intermediate up until 1/1/15) level was Freepeat for life!  For the SAME OWNER and DOG, not transferable. To maintain the privilege, you must have 75% attendance, even If you are repeating the course.  However, if YOU CALL OR EMAIL TO LET US KNOW, and you need to drop due to unforeseen circumstances, it is only half price to rejoin!  (See Know the Rules in the yellow folder, it is also spelled out in the training contract and on our website).  If you cannot make a class you can always do a private make up for a fee, or join another group running at the same time as yours…. Or you must forfeit the class you miss, sorry.