Beginning Obedience

My Best Friend Obedience Beginner Dog Obedience, Any Age dog, group or private in Woodland Hills, West Hills, Encino, Tarzana, Chatsworth, North Hills, Northridge, Van Nuys, Porter Ranch, Canoga Park, Winnetka, Bell Canyon, Simi Valley, Agoura Hills, Topanga, Lake Balboa, Sunland, Sherman Oaks, Studio CIty, Bel Air, Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, Ventura, Port Hueneme, Moorpark. Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Simi Valley, Santa Clarita, Castaic and Valencia

Beginning Obedience

Basic Obedience Group Class once a week for 6 weeks for $169 (any non-aggressive dog, any age)

Groups are usually held weekly same day/same time and the same location for the duration of the course.  Classes are listed by START DATE. OFF HOLIDAYS AND HOLIDAY WEEKENDS

FULL 6/18/18 Monday 7:45 PM Woodland Hills, Pampered Pet Hotel (large room) - Instructor Alison with Babett assisting - FULL

6/28/18 Thursday 6:00 PM, Oxnard shores/Seabridge Oxnard Natural Pet (indoor) - Instructor Karen (off  7/5)

Full 7/10/18 Tuesday 7:45 PM Woodland Hills, Pampered Pet Hotel (small room) - Instructor Michelle (moved from 6/26) FULL

FULL 7/14/18 Saturday 11:30 AM Woodland Hills, Pampered Pet Hotel (small room) - Instructor Alison  (off 8/18) (moved from 7/7, grad 8/25) FULL

Cancel and move to fall! 7/14/18 Saturday 10:15 AM Saturday Camarillo Healthy Pet (indoor and out) - Instructor Karen

7/15/18 Sunday 6:00 PM Woodland Hills, Pampered Pet Hotel (large room) - Instructor Katie

7/29/18 Sunday 5:00 PM Woodland Hills, Pampered Pet Hotel (large room) - Instructor Kelly (to be confirmed) off labor day weekend

8/6/18 Monday 7:45 PM Woodland Hills, Pampered Pet Hotel (large room) - Instructor Babett (to be confirmed) off labor day weekend



This is for any dog, at any age that is friendly with people and dogs!  If you have an aggressive dog, see us about private training.  At this level we cover sit, lie down, stay, loose leash walking, greeting people on all fours (not jumping), leave-it, waiting at gates and doorways, come when called, social obedience (working with distractions).  Your dog will learn to obey on leash in public, just where you need it!  Students will learn how to train with a clicker (or a "marker word") at this level, and how to fade rewards and markers at completion of training. These techniques will be used throughout all our courses...if you already have all the skills listed above you may register for other levels of our classes without taking beginning!

Graduates at or under one year old are eligible to test free of charge at our quarterly AKC STAR puppy testing! 

Week 1: Sit, Down, relax, pay attention, no jumping, how to clicker/mark and reward, equipment, rewards, etc.

Week 2: Review, Duration Distraction Distance and and transition off rewards, Wait, loose leash walking!

Week 3: Review, introduce Stay and Come

Week 4: Review and practice, Leave it,  add difficulty

Week 5: Review and practice everything else with extra difficulty,  add Heel position if time permits

Week 6: Fun with what we learned/Dogs receive Graduation Certificate

Term: 6 weeks, class duration:  1 hour per week - we are off most holidays and holiday weekends

Space limit: 6-8 new dogs depending on the size of the area where we are training.

**Any dog registered for a class starting prior to 12/31/16 who paid $199 and graduated in good standing ... is eligible for this privilege! Starting in January 2017 there will no longer be Freepeats for life for new students at any level :-(  Don't worry, dogs and owners who already have freepeats will keep them. Just bring your receipt or cancelled check copy and Graduation certificate to class for proof of eligibility... once you register for class we will check our own records for full attendance at all previous paid classes or freepeat sessions  :-)  We will have a 1/2 price reup option for those who must move to another group for personal reasons, or have to drop out.