Tricks Classes


6 Week Course - once a week for 1 hour - $125

 If you have completed Beginning obedience you can start the “Tricks” track of classes!  Find out which TRICKS your dog is good at!  You must take these courses in order because they build on one another.  They usually continue on the same day and time until the students decide to stop!

YouTube tricks video for those of you interested 


TRICKS level 1,  6 weeks $125:

Paw, Wave, Back-up, Crawl, Bow, Spin Left & Right, Sit Up (Stick-em Up!), Play Dead (On Your Side), Roll-Over, Sad Puppy (Head Down), Leg Weaves (Figure Eight), and a caught behavior.  This is a great intro level tricks class! 

6/27/17 Tuesday 7:45 PM Woodland Hills Pampered Pet - Instructor Pepsi (off 7/4, moved from 6/20)


TRICKS II 6 weeks $125: Including but not limited to: Paws on a box, Say your prayers, Wipe your paws, Bark/howl, Frisk the pup, Turn on/off lights, get into your crate and close it, sneeze, ride a skateboard, close the door, give me a tissue or your leash, pick up your toys, name your toys, etc., will be a continuation for those who took tricks I

7/9/17 Sunday 2:15 PM Woodland Hills Pampered Pet - Instructor Kelly


TRICKS III 6 weeks $125

Backwards circle & around, back feet on an object (foundation for handstand), roll in a blanket, cross a paw, go to mark (front feet on an object), rotations around object, hold a toy with paws

7/13/17 Thursday 6:30 PM Woodland Hills Pampered Pet - Instructor Katie