Life Skills

Lifeskills & better Walking - 6 Week Course - $125

Starting date:

7/8/17 10:15 AM Saturday's for 6 weeks (off 7/1) (*moved from 6/17)

Heathy Pet food & supplies

850 Arneill Road, Camarilo, CA

(once a week for 6 weeks)

(scroll down for level 2 dates)

Revamped  Life-skills, for dogs living in a human world. The students had a hand in developing this curriculum! This class is designed for real world encounters!  After learning Beginning level skills, this class is designed to complement our other levels!  This will show you the real world application of those AKC CGC skills!

 The class will include the following:

  • Addressing the "my dog won't listen when," issues.

  • Stay and Wait, anywhere!

  • Intro to Heel Walking on the left, paying attention to your owner, instead of everything else going on.

  • Walking properly on loose leash, how to get you dog to focus properly, instead of pull, by using your body movements, not your arms!

  • Greeting people on the street (not jumping up) and OTHER DOGS properly (not dragging you to them on leash).

  • Weaning off using rewards and clickers, some of you just skipped over this part;-)

We will be adding level 2 for this class as well with moving locations around the oxnard/camarillo area! This class will focus on better skills in public using your general obedience skills, like walking through a crowd without visiting people, not being vocal or pulling you, not peeing unless released to do so, directed down stays, ride elevators and navigate stairs, noisy parking garages! Heel work, moving to the Urban dog level material!