Intermediate Obedience

Intermediate Obedience (Foundation 2) - 6 weeks $149

Meets once a week, for one hour each week, on the same day of the week, for 6 weeks starting dates at various locations below


1/7/18 Sunday 6:00 PM Woodland Hills Pampered Pet Hotel – Instructor Katie class is off 1/20, 21 for Clicker EXPO

1/23/18 Tuesday 6:30 PM Woodland Hills, Pampered Pet Hotel - Instructor Pepsi

1/25/18 Thursday 6:00 PM Oxnard Natural Pet Supply – Instructor Karen

1/27/18 Saturday 10:15 AM Camarillo, Healthy Pet - Instructor Karen

1/27/18 Saturday 1:00 PM Woodland Hills Pampered Pet Hotel – Instructor Alison

1/29/18 Monday 6:30 PM Woodland Hills, Pampered Pet Hotel - Instructor Kelly


We have revamped our Intermediate level course to incorporate some of our old “Lifeskills” class material, plus Heel on the left, and some of our CGC class material!  We have created a true mid-level course to prepare you for our “Lifeskills, out and about” OR Advanced AKC CGC and CGC –A level classes!   Lots of work with duration, distraction and distance as well as getting your dog to do things without rewards present!  I think you will be pleased with the result! 


Must have Beginning Level Obedience already –  At this level we cover the next level of training, in particular dealing with new distraction levels.  Focus & paying attention.  How to make sure your dog can do behaviors without rewards in your hand.  Review all Beginning level commands with lots more duration, distraction and distance, particularly Stay (especially go to your “bed” or “mat”), and Come. Weaning off using rewards and clickers all together for certain distraction levels.  Stop your dog from pulling you to sniff, or visit people or dogs.  Being able to be touched by, or left with, a stranger without getting over excited or stressed.  Go to Heel position.  Intro to Heel Walking (on your left), Greeting people without leaving your side or jumping up.  Being able to handle loud noises or a bicycle passing, walking around other dogs and students!  Then, one class will be an “out and about” class!  After 6 weeks you will be issued a certificate which you will need for Advanced level courses. 

Week 1:  Review of beginning commands, go to "heel position" and start walking, work on no rewards/lures and building distraction with stay, greet with sit and paw, pass the pup, intro to matt (bring next week) and free-shaping with clicker.

Week 2:  Review greeting w/out jumping/sit for petting, add shake, add distance to Stay, moving around the dog,  . remain on matt, loose leash with distraction of others.  Pass pup to relax

Week 3:  Wait with Distraction, Duration, and Distance, Leave-it, higher value,   "heel" vs, loose leash, wait vs stay? up and off, intro come-touch "blind".  go to matt. Pass pup to relax. 

Week 4:  Everything with even more distraction and duration pressure, add distance in the mix. Pass pup to relax. Intro come across the room while dogs stay. relax matt

Week 5: Dogs move opposing directions while walking and practice heel & go to matt, all with Dur, Distraction, and Dist., out and about?

Week 6:  Graduate w/ Games! Certificate given

Term: 6 weeks  class duration:  1 hour per week - we are off most holidays and holiday weekends. 

Space limit: 6-8 new dogs depending on the size of the area where we are training.)

CGC TESTING IS DONE QUARTERLY, YOU CAN TEST AS OFTEN AS NEEDED Since we changed our format so the best time to test is after Advanced class.